goldie-biopic200x650Demarcus Lewis (Born November 3, 1982) better by his stage name Yung Goldie or Goldie The Gasman is an American rapper/entrepreneur from Texas. Goldie began his rap career at an early age writing rhymes and performing in local talent shows, in the drug infested streets of Central Texas. Finally succumbing to a life of crime while also being a teen father in 1996. Music was placed on hold while the streets had a hold of him. Unfortunately in 2000 Goldie was incarcerated before his dreams of success could happen.

Upon his release in 2003 He got his affairs in order and in 2004 released his debut album “Luvin The Country” on his own indie label Big Cuddy Records. He went on to release Real Definition of The Game(2005) Last OG Left Hosted By ESG (2006)Small Town Gangstas w Vicious (2007,. before going back to prison in 2009 along with most of his family and record label staff. Once again everything was put on hold. Due to his absence other regional artist were able to benefit from the work Goldie had put in and the demand he left void.

Although he was incarcerated he was able to release Underground Hoggs (2009) and 1008 Grams (2010) while still in prison with distribution through Gonzalez Wholesale. In 2012 Goldie was free once again and took off right where he left off releasing “Hustle Life” (2012) “Ghetto Blues” (2013) “Move For The Money” (2014) “Underground Kingz” w/ Vicious (2015) along w various mixtapes as well as releasing projects from King Kutt (“The Resume”) Rachi (“Feel Me or Kill Me”) like a true mogul. Since then Goldie has appeared on the cover of Block 2 Block Magazine twice, has been featured on various blogs and websites, been the interview subject on Will Hustle TV, MOBTV, RSAB, Hood Survivor TV as well as tour the south with ESG of Screwed Up Click and Vicious of UGK Records performing all over Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi.

Goldie has recently shot 10 Brand new music videos in order to tap into the new era of digital music and started a new YouTube channel Goldie The Gasman which uploads new weekly content. Goldie The Gasman is preparing for a reintroduction or perhaps a introduction to a new larger younger audience of listeners and viewers as if he were a completely new artist, who is vibrant and full of life.